Sunday, April 25, 2010

A night owl's tale

It's 3 a.m. ~ I've been cleaning out under cabinet's - and in places I just stored things from many many years of moving and unpacking. This time I have a purpose for the laborious task of "cleaning out" ~ but once into it, it no longer feels laborious ~ more like *wow  ~ this is fun..!! ~ finding treasures and trinkets (some of them in the above photo), saved from many moons ago. I'm not in a vintage store, or a junk shop, I'm under my own bath room cabinet :) at 3 in the morning !!!!! ~ My imagination is on overload ! Many 'light bulb' moments finding these long forgotten treasures... and of course the memories... aNd.... My mind is spinning with possibilities...I'm not a pack rat...really..! I just hold on to things that glitter and shine.....some pretty interesting items too... I'm waiting patiently - not really patiently - more like chomping at the bit for the inspiration to hit me... to put my mind, the possibilities, and my hands to work in unity... I've discovered the hard way, It's not an on call thing...often I get up in the middle of the night to start something before I forget it. I've tried sketching so I can work on it later ~ but ~ spontaneous works better for me. I HAVE to touch, play with and stare at them before I get started with the creative process.... I'm so grateful for the fun I'm having and the excitement I'm feeling right now. ♥ YES !!! Also, I'm greatful for all the support I'm getting from family, loved ones and even people I've never met.  Thank you all for the ♥

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