Saturday, September 29, 2012


                                 Fresh water pearls w/14kgf caps 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012




All size 11 seedbeds and 14K~gf findings, the heart is made of swarovski crystals , all 102 of them and gold tube beads as a lining to the heart. 

The toggle is unique as it positions the heart at an angle giving it an off center feel... Eye catching to be sure.



This is a combination of pearl seed beads and shells from Brazil.

They are twisted and rolled together to create a nice chunky look along with a sophisticated feel
that always works when wanting to look special. 

The clasp, findings and wire  used to create 'Sea Foam' are all 14K-gf.. 

I love this piece, only it's not right for me.  My coloring matches the necklace and gets lost.  I would recommend any other color hair than white........ Now I'm thinking of going RED.  Love red hair.




When the light hits these crystals there shines a lovely rainbow across you and all around you. 

  • ZebraQueen

The viking weave is really fun and once you get the feel, it's like meditating.  I added a Turquoise bead for fun and the clasp is wavy like the weave.  It's really elegant.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lighter Cover Fun

Getting ready for the Christmas gift giving season. Everyone uses a lighter and being special, one is less likely to loose it :)

Bundle it with candles ~ It's a lovely gift...

one of a kind ~ hand picked by me so I am sorry that if you want the blue one I can not guarantee it.  Most likely not and will send one just as special.

Only $45

Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Crop Circles:

These are fun to make and yet a long and tedious procedure ~ it's so worth it when those 10 hours or so are over and you're gazing at the glow and beauty of seed beads and Swarovski crystals mixed and  woven into (what I call them ) ~ little 'crop circles'.....

That's what they remind me of.  I've created bracelets and earrings also and in many styles.. You can see another style in the "A Little Deco" piece created and posted awhile ago.

The photography is a little tricky and I may not have captured it's glow but believe me ~ It catches the light so beautifully. 

It's not a hard stitch and to be honest, I can't remember the name of it... I'll post it when my memory returns........... :)  I think the trick is in the colors and mixture of texture and beads..

It's extremely versatile as each circle can be attached to another in so many ways... Even in adding a partial circle to a complete circle and then that creates a completely different  look .. on and on we go with the joy of creating jewelry... yee - haa !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 I'm on a roll for a few days now........ It's nice and I'm having fun while the creative bug still nibbles late at night ~  I took a break from chainmalle and got into the fun of combining some pieces that I had made long ago and using some beads and clasps I had forgotten I had... **It pays to clean out those little drawers, locating some treasures once made and then forgotten  ~   It worked for me.  :)

The joy of creating with chainmalle.  Top right is a lovely Victorian piece that looks amazing.   The drape is feminine and yet bold, makes a statement. All done with 16 and 18 gauge jump rings in 14kgf and
sterling silver.

Little Victoria

Bottom right............ this is made of both 14kgf and sterling silver..
I used smaller jump rings ~  size 8mm in silver and 6mm in 14kgf ~ 
The clasp is a hand made toggle in sterling silver and well.  yes, strung on black leather

This is a 14Kgf chainmalle cuff with thick 16 gauge individually made jump rings.. Lovely and  totally classy**

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Glow

I think there are 126 of these Swarovski top drilled beauties.  A very simple yet quite an elegant look and feel.

Summer is such fun because it's time to wear all that jewelry that has just been waiting to be seen.

Maybe put on sunglasses when walking in the sun.  :))))))))) or better yet, hand them out to the many admirers...

I'll be wearing this tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a sunny day.

The drape is lovely and very feminine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It may not be diamonds and rubys ~ but it still glitters and glows  ~ Swarovski crystals do the job.
The links are sterling silver, 14kgf 16 and 18 gauge.

It's truely stunning !   ~ 

Leather, gold and a sloppy wrap of 20 and 24 gauge gold ~ pounded by hand using 16 gf gauge creates the clasp and encasing for the stone.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Be My Valentine

105 of these Swarovski 4mil crystals make this 1"x1" heart.  It measures 8" for a lovely drape on the wrist.  The links are 14k gf ~ with a 14k small heart at the toggle.

I'm now working on other colors and in sterling also.  Necklaces to follow.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Using larger 18 gauge junprings and some brass rings ~ this chunkey bracelet turned out rather nice, I was wondering how strong it would be and it's stronger than I had imagined.  Great for wearing while feeling sporty

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I just can't stay away from the amazing look and feel of Chainmalle. 
This is a 4 in 1 style link, there are two bracelets here, one with seven strands and one with five strands  each with a toggle clasp.   All 14k gf in 18 gauge wire.  Once again I'm so happy for my jump ring maker.  I did break a saw blade on the very last round of rings so I'm waiting for my delivery of several more ~ not fun when it happens at 3AM and no back up...... :o)  I've only been using 18 gauge so far.  I'm going to try 16 gauge now.  It will be a little more chunky and with more weight to it but I have a feeling I'll love that too.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Chainmalle ~ set

This is the rope style chainmalle with some African beads.  It's amazing what a new ~ 'good'~ camera with the proper settings can do for a piece.  Finally I think I have the camera down ~ using a tripod on a macro setting *it worked ~ I'm pleased. Whoo-Hoo!!!  I have to thank my #1 son-n-law for the advice.. We took several shots and tried to keep up with what we did ~ I'm almost sure this is the setting used for this.  I love chainmalle as you can tell.  This is all sterling silver and I used my new toy to create the jump rings.  What a treat to have the jump ring maker.  It's not that expensive and If you love to make chainmalle, it's a MUST have tool. ♥

 Swanky LionsTale

This is work in progress....... I had no idea what I was up to when I started this.  I had seen something like it in a magazine and wanted to try it.  ONLY..... *** the amount of beads it takes is amazing.  Over 9,000 and I have to return to the store for more of the sterling silver and gold filled size 15 and 11 beads.  I doubled the size of the strands and it looks amazing.  I think that this will be finished after the Holiday's .. It's tedious and great for focused meditation.  I'll naturally post the final look...
Maybe I'll wear it for New Years Eve..... It's perfect! 

Ok ~ finally!!!!! ~  I've finished this piece. Long, FUN and yes, **tedious** :)  SoWorth it when I feel it and see it on.. A Flapper look ~ sorta ~  with that funk look for the 21 century too.  I'm thinking ~ all black, red, green?  A solid for sure will show this off nicely  **I still want to work on the photography. I atually forgot the settings and couldn't figure out how to get to them again so this was actually a point and shoot. with macro on ~  I fine it pleasing to the eye and also pleased.....~to be finished ~ :)))))))) 
This is my New Years Eve accessory and I'm sure looking forward to wearing it. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet & Classic

 Being Christmas and the Holiday season I think of the classic times spent with my family for our traditional Christmas eve dinner.   We always dressed up and looked our best because it went well with the candles and crystal on the table.  I remember everything glowing and shining with the amazing smells from the kitchen let alone the tree. 
Even as a small child, I remember dressing up for the occasion at my grandparents home...... It usually involved the pearls and a velvet dress.  That's where my mind has been when sitting and creating in my studio.  A soft and classic frame of mind.  Christmas is so soft on the night before ~ quiet, hopeful and a lovely feeling to hold dear and remember year to year,  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A combination of metals

Viking sterling silver weave cuff with Greek metalcaps ~ center bead is copper and silver ~ silver beads on either of the center bead with that wonderful sterling swivel clasp.

This cuff fits a medium to small wrist.  It measures approx 7 1/2 to 8 inches.  It is made to fit as to not slip down the hand. And ~ with the silver wire inserted into the weave it can be molded to your wrist shape.

So many possibilities with the Viking weave.  I've read that this weave was used in ancient Egypt and was actually used for the trade of goods. 
It's a fun and interesting method of weaving and as mentioned....... endless possibilities...... earrings, rings, on and on.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Asymmetrical Cuff

I've been l a z y posting but I HAVE been working and  loving each and every minute of it.  I'm looking for a new camera, ~ this one just bit the dust a few weeks ago ~  I managed to take this... over and over and over till something came out somewhat representing the beauty of it. *******Maybe Santa will see what a GOOD girl I've been. :))
This is a Viking weave, sterling silver with sterling square one of a kind charm, turquoise bead insertion and a sterling silver swivel clasp, asymmetrical style cuff.. Unique !


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another thank you....... I'm looking forward to the April issue of this magazine..  I get so inspired and it keeps my creative juices flowing.. I just sent off a few more submissions for the next edition.  Wish me luck that a few make it.  There are SO many talented jewelry designers and I thank them too for the continued push to do better. 
When I get in that *blocked state of mind, and that happens often, I just pick up this magazine and before I know it, my mind is moving again  ~ at my normal pace........ fast....... so, now, back to my workstation...
 "LADYBUG".. That's what this chainmalle piece reminds me of.  This was named by a friend and she is so right, it's the perfect name.  Ladybug drapes softly at the collar bone and the second chain *attached at the toggle, when twisted around the chainmalle piece ~  it gives another dimension it the "look".  Personally I like it twisted.. but that's me..(sometimes twisted  - :))))))))))
This is made in the chainmalle style with 14k-gf jump rings and glass lampshade beads.. the attached chain is also 14k- gf and the clasp at the back, *not shown, is a lovely twisted (that word again) toggle that matches the look of Ladybug.  I can't put it up for sale just now as it is out for possible publication.. fingers crossed it gets chosen.  but anyway...... I can try to re-create it.  usually my pieces are one of a kind but this is toooooo lovely not to share with other interested wannabe owners.. *stay tuned  for posting on Etsy

Monday, November 8, 2010

(gold rope chainmalle) SOLD

Using my new toy and making my own jump rings ~ above are the first two pieces I created yesterday..  WHOO-HOO I finally bit the bullet and purchased this after much indecision.  I'm so happy I did.

The top is 14k-gf rope style with clasp also in 14k-gf..
The bottom is Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals and a sweet heart lobster claw in Sterling.
Oh Yes, I'm excited about my new toy........VERY VERY excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Playing with the ceramic crosses  ~  I've been amusing myself and finding some creative inspiration after a dry spell.  The small fun things I sometimes find in odd places can make such a difference in the look of a final piece, let alone the whole process.  I decided to create a "stunning" piece ~  if I say so myself ~ :)   It's all gold filled chains, Amber and black Garnet beads (individually knotted), gold filled findings, clasps and toggles... The center chain (with gold circle) is adjustable when pulled on and the Amber color cross connects to a decorative toggle on the other side..or just let it hang ~ a versatile piece with no fuss..♥..The more it tangles the up-scale funk look comes in.. The toggle connecting a double chain at the back of the neck is also 14k-gf  ~ I would say it hangs at 16,18,20". This soon will be on Etsy. I just created it this weekend and the response is so positive that I'll have to try to recreate it.  Stay tuned.

Pricing is hard. In my opinion anyway.  Also... Marketing is really really not one of my better qualities.....  Just ~ DO IT !!! ~ market, market, market..
I wonder If I'm the only one that feels strange when marketing and or pricing.. So many of the items I use have been with me for awhile that the original price is long gone.  It's a guessing game.  Then I sometime use items from other pieces I've made and redo them.  Oh well.... It works out and I'm not going to worry about that because then the fun goes out of the creating.....

I found these crosses in a local *fun bead shop ~ falling in love with them and the versatility I had to have more.......... I went back the next day and got a *large bag full.  It's fun using these crosses in so many colors and sizes and the possibilities are endless  :) ~  I used very tiny macaroni gold filled tubes on gold flexible Beadalon cord.  Finding many lone crystals and small gold filled spacers in the "what to do with box"  ~ this popped out of my hands.   I didn't want the earrings to be matching .. wanted the abstract feel.  These earrings can be worn with almost anything.  I wear just one on occasions. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chainmalle Fun

Finally learning how to chainmalle and I'm taking to it like a fish in water. This bracelet fits the average wrist measuring 7.5 inches with the clasp. I used about 125 18g - sterling silver 5.9 mm jump rings.  I've decided that it is much better to take the time to make my own jump rings as they can get costly for sure.  Next on my wish list is a jump ring cutter and a tumbler. Last week I purchased this amazing magnet clasp (top image) that really works well.  It's funny though because it takes a bit of getting used to ~  the magnet picks up everything that you don't want it to while creating the bracelet.  I would like to use them in all my bracelets.  Such a time and nail saver when attaching the bracelet to my wrist.  The bottom clasp is a lovely (heavy) sterling silver with onyx..?  More chainmalle to follow as this is now another new love.

Top ~ SOLD.. Yet I can make to order if you would like.  Gold or Silver