Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chainmalle Fun

Finally learning how to chainmalle and I'm taking to it like a fish in water. This bracelet fits the average wrist measuring 7.5 inches with the clasp. I used about 125 18g - sterling silver 5.9 mm jump rings.  I've decided that it is much better to take the time to make my own jump rings as they can get costly for sure.  Next on my wish list is a jump ring cutter and a tumbler. Last week I purchased this amazing magnet clasp (top image) that really works well.  It's funny though because it takes a bit of getting used to ~  the magnet picks up everything that you don't want it to while creating the bracelet.  I would like to use them in all my bracelets.  Such a time and nail saver when attaching the bracelet to my wrist.  The bottom clasp is a lovely (heavy) sterling silver with onyx..?  More chainmalle to follow as this is now another new love.

Top ~ SOLD.. Yet I can make to order if you would like.  Gold or Silver

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