Wednesday, November 17, 2010

 "LADYBUG".. That's what this chainmalle piece reminds me of.  This was named by a friend and she is so right, it's the perfect name.  Ladybug drapes softly at the collar bone and the second chain *attached at the toggle, when twisted around the chainmalle piece ~  it gives another dimension it the "look".  Personally I like it twisted.. but that's me..(sometimes twisted  - :))))))))))
This is made in the chainmalle style with 14k-gf jump rings and glass lampshade beads.. the attached chain is also 14k- gf and the clasp at the back, *not shown, is a lovely twisted (that word again) toggle that matches the look of Ladybug.  I can't put it up for sale just now as it is out for possible publication.. fingers crossed it gets chosen.  but anyway...... I can try to re-create it.  usually my pieces are one of a kind but this is toooooo lovely not to share with other interested wannabe owners.. *stay tuned  for posting on Etsy

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