Monday, December 20, 2010

 Swanky LionsTale

This is work in progress....... I had no idea what I was up to when I started this.  I had seen something like it in a magazine and wanted to try it.  ONLY..... *** the amount of beads it takes is amazing.  Over 9,000 and I have to return to the store for more of the sterling silver and gold filled size 15 and 11 beads.  I doubled the size of the strands and it looks amazing.  I think that this will be finished after the Holiday's .. It's tedious and great for focused meditation.  I'll naturally post the final look...
Maybe I'll wear it for New Years Eve..... It's perfect! 

Ok ~ finally!!!!! ~  I've finished this piece. Long, FUN and yes, **tedious** :)  SoWorth it when I feel it and see it on.. A Flapper look ~ sorta ~  with that funk look for the 21 century too.  I'm thinking ~ all black, red, green?  A solid for sure will show this off nicely  **I still want to work on the photography. I atually forgot the settings and couldn't figure out how to get to them again so this was actually a point and shoot. with macro on ~  I fine it pleasing to the eye and also pleased.....~to be finished ~ :)))))))) 
This is my New Years Eve accessory and I'm sure looking forward to wearing it. 

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