Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Crop Circles:

These are fun to make and yet a long and tedious procedure ~ it's so worth it when those 10 hours or so are over and you're gazing at the glow and beauty of seed beads and Swarovski crystals mixed and  woven into (what I call them ) ~ little 'crop circles'.....

That's what they remind me of.  I've created bracelets and earrings also and in many styles.. You can see another style in the "A Little Deco" piece created and posted awhile ago.

The photography is a little tricky and I may not have captured it's glow but believe me ~ It catches the light so beautifully. 

It's not a hard stitch and to be honest, I can't remember the name of it... I'll post it when my memory returns........... :)  I think the trick is in the colors and mixture of texture and beads..

It's extremely versatile as each circle can be attached to another in so many ways... Even in adding a partial circle to a complete circle and then that creates a completely different  look .. on and on we go with the joy of creating jewelry... yee - haa !

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