Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Deco
This was so much fun to create ~  as you may be able to tell, I learn a new stitch and don't let it go very easily... I keep dropping the little jump rings  today, being a full moon, I can blame my clumsy, all thumbs on that.   I've used Swarovski Crystals in the Art Deco colors and Sterling Silver chains.  It also has the Dream Weaver feel of the American Indian motif.  I  found some steel cut size 15 seed beads from 1900 and that really gives it the Deco feel.



Eva Gilliam said...

I love these! So elegant - and the color combinations are stunning.

hschenck1389 said...

I saw these in Jewelry Affaire magazine and have been trying to figure out how to create the pattern. What's the trick to getting the perfect circle (I end up with spaces as the circle expands).